Mold Removal Services – Understanding How It Works

mold removal services

Because mold is a common problem plaguing homes or businesses, mold removal and mold remediation is a fairly important issue to address. It is evident that mold is disastrous to both buildings and human life, but that could actually be a topic of its own. If your property is already affected by mold beyond your control, contacting a mold removal services provider is needed.

When it comes to finding the solution to mold, professionals go through a few step process. Firstly they evaluate the extent to which mold has taken over your property. Next they come up with an actionable plan and then execute it. Lastly, mold removal services professionals use high tech tools to evaluate if the property is safe to have occupancy again and sign off on the job completion report.

Mold removal services – understanding moisture

Mold removal services experts should be aware that mold could be an invisible intruder, quietly growing behind the objects on a property. Thus, the process of assessing mold growth takes much more than merely looking at what is visibly growing on the walls. The reason is that there is a moisture problem behind every mold build up. It will become easy for you to identify the source of the moisture and do everything possible to fix it in a bid to halt the growth of mold.

mold removal services plan


Documenting problem and coming up with a remediation plan

Before you hire a mold removal services specialists, make sure to document the issue with supporting videos and pictures. While videos and pictures can be a good starting point, they will not reflect the situation in full. The more information that you can provide, the better plan will be put in place. You can be sure that these documents will be used by experts as a starting point.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, the mold remediation experts will determine the actionable plan. The full scope of work will only be determined through an in depth inspection of the property with top of the line equipment. This equipment is used to spot things that aren’t apparent to a naked eye.

Determine the extent of mold contamination

Mold removal and remediation experts are also determined to calculate the extent of the mold. The reason is that mold may not always grow in one area, but knowing its extent will definitely help experts to come up with the right approach to remove the mold. Strict guidelines must be followed to ensure that the area is safe human occupation.

Mold removal services remediation of contaminated areas

After determining the extent of mold contamination, the expert should proceed with mold remediation plan. Remediation simply involves cleaning up all the existing visible mold and equally addressing the source of moisture to prevent new growth. The entire process of mold remediation includes the following:

  • Repairing all the water problems, including pipe leakages or drainage problems
  • Isolating the contaminated areas by closing all the doors and windows between them
  • Suppressing dust by misting the contaminated areas with approved chemicals
  • Isolating and removing all wet materials and those that have been damaged by mold.
  • Cleaning up all non-porous material and wood surfaces in the mold infested areas.
  • Cleaning all the affected areas and also ensuring that they are visibly free of contamination and debris.
  • Drying up all the cleaned materials with fans, dehumidifiers and/or raising indoor temperatures.
  • Move back the materials to their original places

Above all, the professional would need to determine if the cleanup was successful.

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