Concrete Polishing Companies Responsibilities

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Concrete polishing companies determine the scope of work for the client’s project before starting the job. The work scope is then discussed, tweaked, and a plan of action is put in place. This article will discuss the responsibilities of concrete polishing companies when working on interior concrete floor surfaces.

Measurements and quoting

To be as transparent as possible, concrete polishing companies should visit the job site before giving the customer a quote. While taking measurements of the area’s size, contractors should also pay attention to the floor’s current state. Ask questions such as:

  • Is the floor badly worn?
  • Are there a lot of cracks?
  • Is the space empty, or will things need to get moved?
  • Are you going to be working with soft or hard concrete (MOH’s hardness test)?
  • Are there electrical outlets available for your equipment (if you are using electric-powered tools)?
  • Do you have access to water for your auto scrubbers?
  • How far from the project location is a concrete slurry disposal site if you are doing wet grinding?
  • Is the floor in a workable condition in terms of is it leveled? Are there any slabs that are uneven in height? Are there any cracks across the slabs? Refer to our Concrete Resurfacing or Repair guide.
  • How “thirsty” is the floor?

After answering these and more questions, the time comes to calculate the supplies cost for the job. The last item of the list above, asks “how thirsty is the floor” this metric would give you an idea of how much densifier you will need to “feed it.” Densifier is not cheap, therefore having a rough estimate of how much you will need is essential for the project costs.

The floors’ area size and hardness will give concrete polishing companies an idea of how much supplies to budget for when it comes to their grinders. How many grinding pucks will they need? Considering that grinding and polishing concrete can take up to 9 steps where each step requires different grit supplies, things can add up quickly if it costs $250 per set and will last no more than 10k square feet.

All of the cracks need to be filled out, and the floor has to be level before the polished concrete floor installation can begin. This will require budgeting for crack repair and joint filling.

Once the numbers are worked out for supplies and equipment, labor hours are calculated, and a margin to maintain is added on, the quote can be issued. The calculation process should not take too much time. More experienced concrete polishing companies will get back to you in less than a day.

Concrete polishing companies scope of work

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If the customer accepts the quote, concrete polishing companies then issue a document with the scope of work included. This document will inform the customer of what to expect in terms of the job done at the site.

The goal of such a document is to be as transparent as possible with the process and minimize misunderstandings of what was supposed to do what. For instance, if a concrete polishing contractor arrives at the job site and finds the floor filled with structures, who will be responsible for moving them?

The more detailed the scope-of-work document is, the fewer issues will arise during the project’s length. Let’s go over the responsibilities of concrete polishing companies that should be discussed ahead of time.

The concrete polishing contractors are responsible for:

  • Ordering supplies and making sure that they arrive on time and have enough to finish the project.
  • Gathering equipment, inspecting it, and transporting it to the job site.
  • Providing workforce for the job, manage it, and have replacements in place if needed.
  • The contractor is responsible for filling in any cracks, holes, and fixing imperfections before starting the project.
  • If any changes are needed, the customer must be contacted right away, and a new plan of action should be put together.
  • Concrete polishing companies are responsible for any damage that they cause to the customer’s property. Whether it’s grinder punching holes in the walls, concrete slurry damaging sideboards, acid stain damaging walls, etc.
  • Polishing crews are also responsible for the cleanup of the job site. The area should be left in a better condition than it was found before the job began.
  • Concrete polishing companies need to get the project signed off by the customer to mark it as complete. The customer will inspect the area and will decide to approve or request more work done.
  • If any work is not included in the initial scope of work but is requested by the customer, the project’s cost will increase.
  • If a concrete polishing project runs into any issues which will require additional spending, it must be approved by the customer before proceeding.
  • If an electric generator is needed, the contractor should arrange arrival at the job site before needing it.
  • The contractor will dispose of any toxic waste produced during the project in pre-approved containers and transport them to a dedicated dumpsite.
  • Concrete polishing companies should leave some written instructions on the best ways to maintain the floors after the project is done and when the curing period will be over so that the floor can be used.

The customer is responsible for the following:

  • Clearing out the area that is going to be polished. Everything movable that’s not going to be there forever should be moved out of the way.
  • There should be no interruptions happening while the work is being done. This includes no people on the floor that are not concrete polishing companies crew members unless accompanied by a foreman. Many times, people get excited about their new shiny floors and walk over a freshly laid out sealer, leaving a permanent mark.
  • The customer is responsible for going over every detail in the scope of work documents before agreeing to it and signing it.
  • Customer is responsible for conducting the final inspection when the work is completed and before the last sign off form is signed.

Importance of understanding the roles of each party

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While this was just an abbreviated version of what might be included in the scope of work for the concrete polishing project, they tend to be a lot more detailed. It is imperative to understand the roles of each party during the project. The clearer the terms of the project are from the beginning, the smoother the project will go.

The end goal of a concrete polishing project is for the job site not just to have breathtaking shiny floors that are durable, stain-resistant, reflective, but to be a pleasant experience for both the contractor and the customer.

Not everything goes as planned; however, having a solid understanding of what could go wrong from the contractor’s side might prepare the customers for when or if things go wrong.

If you find yourself looking for concrete polishing companies near me, look no further. Contact AM Facility Services today, and let’s get your project started!