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About Us

Founded in 1999, AM Services has grown to become an industry leader in flooring & facility maintenance. Our success has been dependent on our 3 core principles of service:

We provide a high level of trust & dependability far above the competition.


We make sure the job is always done right, day-in and day-out. No excuses!


We strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner in every situation.

Hard Floor Maintenance

At AM Services, we provide comprehensive floor care services for hard surfaces, including daily cleaning, routine care, and restoration. Our veteran team develops floor maintenance programs that ensure maximum cleanliness, improve your brand image, and provide a safe customer experience. Specific tactics include:
  • Scrubbing
  • Stripping
  • Refinishing
  • Polishing (Stone & Concrete)

Concrete Rejuvenation & Polishing

We specialize in complete care for concrete/VCT floor surfaces, and recommend these surfaces to any client considering their flooring options. Polished concrete is an excellent long-term investment, due to it's extreme durability and relative ease to maintain compared with other surfaces. Our highly trained floor techs can help determine the best solution for your business, and implement a service plan to accompany it throughout the lifecycle of the floor.

Value Added Services

We provide many additional value added services to compliment our core offerings, allowing clients to experience a full turnkey approach when it comes to their facility needs.

Power Washing

Office Cleaning

Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing

Full Janitorial Services

Fuel Station Cleaning (inside & out)

Carpet Care & Extraction

Day Porter Services

Concrete Floor Rejuvinations

Special Projects on Demand




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