Commercial Sanitizing and Disinfection Services

Our company can provide your with industry leading sanitizing service. We provide a vast array of effective disinfecting agents to service your needs. We have been keeping workplaces and offices clean and safe for the last two decades.

Disinfectants that are EA-approved eliminate viruses, including bacterial infections, germs, influenza, and even Covid-19.

Commercial Sanitizing Services

Our company services businesses both large and small in size. We can spray and fog surfaces and items with disinfecting solutions that will reach everything in your facility, including walls, furniture, time clocks, keyboards, alarm keypads, and rails, door handles, and light switches.

We strive to provide the best possible COVID-19 coronavirus disinfection services in Indiana and Illinois. Health of your employees and customers is our top priority, therefore we take our work very seriously and leave no stone un-turned. During the current world events in the midst of a pandemic, you should still be able to focus on your business and let us handle the sterility of your workplace.

Our vast experience in janitorial industry has made disinfecting services a second nature for our company. With over 20 years of history and many highly trained professional we can assure that you will receive the best service.

Industrial Sanitizing Services

We disinfect and clean front offices and warehouses. Our company uses cutting-edge technology to disinfect and spray over 20,000 ft.² an hour. In addition, our solutions will reach everything they come into contact with, including alarm keypads, light switches, elevators, door handles, handrails, vending machines, cabinets, kitchenettes, restrooms, locker rooms, workstations, cubicles, time clocks, and walls.


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Deep Cleaning Sanitizing Service: What Is It?

Sometimes, surfaces undergo a deep cleaning, which is an unconventional sanitation method. It involves moving furniture around in order to get to certain areas, including toilets and refrigerators. It also involves cleaning things you take for granted (like light switches), as well as removing kitchen grease from places you don’t look at regularly.

Our company can provide your commercial or industrial space with sanitizing that it needs. Contact us today and schedule a call for your next sanitizing service.

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